Should College Football Be Shortened?

One debate about the length of college football games is whether or not they should be shortened to mimic the NFL’s shorter game format. College football games can stretch for nearly four hours, a time that rivals even the NBA. But college football fans will have a good time at every game, especially the Michigan football game, no matter how long or short the game is. In fact, the average Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) game lasted three hours and 24 minutes last year. That’s several minutes longer than an FBS game. And yet, the Power Five conferences are clamoring to speed up the pace of play. To know more information about: vip satta king

During the 1980s, the NCAA allowed college football to play 12 games, a move aimed at increasing revenue, giving schools more flexibility in scheduling their games, and providing clear national champions. However, big-time schools and conference administrators were opposed to the idea, citing their long-standing traditions and the fact that most bowl games are played in sunny locales with hundreds of thousands of vacationing fans. In the end, there wasn’t a single team that managed to play 16 games, and most power schools promptly scheduled their games against a Division 1-AA opponent.

Whether or not a game is delayed is largely dependent on the style of play. Some teams are content to run down the play clock while others prefer to snap the ball often in order to tire their opponents. In addition to scheduling conflicts, there are also in-game delays caused by weather threats, like lightning in the vicinity of the stadium. And while it’s unlikely that an NCAA game would be shortened, fans should expect it to be several hours long, depending on the type of play they’re anticipating.

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