Is There a Software Like Google Earth But For Outer Space?

If you’ve ever wanted to see the world from a new perspective, you’ve probably wondered, “Is there a software like Google Earth but of outer space?” Well, there are some caveats to this, however. First, the imagery included in Google Earth is not updated every month. In fact, the average map is only one or three years old. Second, the company can only use so many satellites to produce so many maps.

Despite the fact that Google has invested millions of dollars in satellite imagery, it is still not able to provide complete coverage of outer space. Google has invested in a partnership with DigitalGlobe to make Google Earth more accurate and reliable. Google has also said that its high-resolution image coverage is currently over 20 percent of the earth’s land area, which is still quite a bit below the ‘peripheries’.

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There are other features of Google Earth, though. Its “layers” are made up of different kinds of media and tours. These are created using the Keyhole Markup Language (KML), which means that the information is customizable. Users can also create their own layers to customize the view of the earth. Placemarks are markers on Google Earth. Users can organize these in folders, and add photos or videos to the placemarks.

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In addition to satellite imagery, Planet Explorer also includes a new feature called “Stories” that allows users to make video clips of the images in real time. These videos can be published on YouTube. The software also updates imagery every day. The resolution may be less than that of Google Earth because of the smaller satellites that are required to cover such long distances. If you are looking for a software like Google Earth but for outer space, Planet Explorer is worth a look.

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