Fitness Tips For Women in Their 30s

As we age, our muscles lose tone and strength, and we burn fewer calories than we did when we were young. To avoid this, it is important to include strength training, and cut back on cardio and bodyweight exercises. It is especially important to practice proper form when doing strength training, since older people are more likely to suffer an injury if they don’t follow proper technique. Here are some fitness tips for women in their 30s to keep in shape.

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Exercise regularly and focus on strength training. Muscles begin to shrink after age 30, and strength training helps rebuild them and prevent injury. Try to exercise at least three to five times a week, with at least one day off. In addition, do not stop enjoying sports, dancing, or marathons. Fitness in your mid-thirties is a great time to begin engaging in fun activities. Start a daily routine with thirty minutes of aerobic activity or weight training.

As a woman, you may have more time on your hands and feel more tired than ever. You may be thinking about having a family, but you may have been enjoying all-night parties and didn’t take much of a toll on your body. Exercise in your 30s can help you keep your body strong, look great, and reduce your risk of disease. For more tips, check out Liz Barnett, a New York-based personal trainer.

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