What is Your Emergency Plan for Your Pet When Disaster Strikes?

Wise people try to stay prepared and more when something is expected. Although the most accurate weather forecast information can be within reach, there may be times when fast and surprising events can stump even weather agencies.

There are only a few ways to predict a disaster, which is why it becomes crucial to be prepared to mitigate the damage at least. Consider having a plan to keep your family, including your pets, safe and navigate the situation with little hassle.

At the same time, consider being prepared with pet insurance NZ so your furry baby is covered for basic health benefits during health emergencies. The best pet insurance comprehensively covers a pupper’s health up to the benefit limit, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy.

Meanwhile, read this article to learn how to plan for an emergency.

#1 Puppy needs to have proper identification.

Ensure your furry precious has a collar with an ID having updated details like your name, address, and emergency contacts and is microchipped so the chances of reuniting with your pet are more just in case you both part ways during a disaster.

This way, even if your furry baby’s collar is lost, your pet’s position can be tracked with the aid of the microchip. Your pet’s chip should be linked to the correct contact information so anybody who picks up your pup can reach out to you.

#2 Pack an emergency supply kit

It is advisable to stock your furry baby’s emergency kit with at least a week’s worth of supplies. Pack non-perishable food items, i.e. dry food, water, vaccination records, medications, medical history documents, latest photo, ID tag, and pet first aid kit.

A basic medical kit is essential so you can treat your puppy if it suffers from minor injuries during the disaster. Also, assign a friend, family member, or neighbor as a caregiver in the unfortunate case when you can’t reach home. Let the caregiver know where to find the puppy’s emergency kit.

#3 Evacuate the place as soon as possible

Don’t wait for the orders of emergency personnel, and vacate the place as soon as you get the news about an oncoming disaster. Plan where you will take shelter with your pet and how to transport it and care for it until the situation subsides.

Consider using your pooch’s carrier to transport it because it already associates it with a safe zone to be in during strange situations. A carrier ensures that your four paws stays calm, secure, and guarded against external forces.

Once you both arrive at the intended destination, allow your furry baby to come out of the carrier; offer it some toys, treats, and reassuring words to keep it happy and comforted.

Natural disasters can alter the landscape significantly; the place your furry little one knew earlier could be nothing like it now. It is advisable to keep your furry pet on a leash and consider being prepared with pet insurance in NZ so that you don’t have to think twice about providing your pet with timely medical care should anything unfortunate happen to its health.

Contemplate purchasing the best pet insurance even if it costs a little more than other cheaper policies to have the peace of mind that your furry pet is covered for broad-ranging health conditions.

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