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The Workday United States of America

The workday in the United States is longer than it has ever been, with Americans spending fewer hours off than ever before. But this is not an unproven trend. Since the early 1800s, workers have sought to limit their workdays and even negotiated with their masters for time off. In 1817, Welsh manufacturer Robert Owen formulated the phrase “Eight hours of labor, eight hour of recreation, and eight hours of rest.” Click here

The eight-hour workday idea did not take off in Europe, but it slowly gained momentum in the U.S. over the years. The slogan, “Eight hours, one day,” became an anthem among American workers after the Civil War. The National Labor Union’s efforts to pass a law mandating an eight-hour workday helped put labor reform on the political map. The company also offers a great working environment, with employees rating the culture A-. They are very happy with their daily lives and compensation.

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The workday corporation was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in San Francisco. Chano Fernandez is the current CEO. The company employs over 5200 people and offers cloud-based enterprise applications for human resources and finance. The company’s culture is rated A by its employees, with employees expressing satisfaction with the company’s perks and compensation. Its ethos is also reflected in its high employee satisfaction ratings.

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