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As Snapchat continues to grow, the company is turning to e-commerce. To accomplish this, the company has teamed up with Unity Software to enable businesses to use a programmatic auction of Snap ads. In addition, the social network recently released a fitness tracker, which is expected to become an integral part of the app.

Snap’s e-commerce push

Snap, the popular photo-messaging app, is putting a big focus on commerce. It plans to announce new shopping features in May. The company wants to leverage AR to drive e-commerce. Specifically, it will introduce shopping recommendation features.

To that end, the company recently acquired Fit Analytics, an AI-based fitting technology startup. This product, known as the “Fit Finder,” will allow online shoppers to select the right sizes for clothes. By using information about customers and the size of the garments they’ve tried on, the service reduces returns and helps businesses avoid costly refunds.

While Snap has been making smaller e-commerce efforts for years, the company is now putting a bigger emphasis on the medium. In addition to the purchase recommendation feature, the company has introduced branded Lenses and Dynamic Product Ads.

With these tools, Snap has the potential to become a digital department store. Brands can build catalogues containing hundreds of thousands of products that can be viewed in multiple international markets. For example, Puma was the first global brand to integrate the technology.

Snapchat’s move into e-commerce

The social platform, Snapchat, has announced a new e-commerce push. It plans to create a product discovery hub using augmented reality. This will give consumers a virtual try-on of products, as well as shopping recommendations.

The platform has also hired a former Asos exec as its senior head of retail in the UK. This is a big step for Snap, which is trying to strengthen its relationship with Businesstodaysnews retailers.

One of the reasons that social platforms are making a ferocious e-commerce push is the fact that they see in-app purchases as a lucrative revenue stream. Facebook and Instagram have both recently launched their own shopping sections, which allow customers to purchase items directly within their apps.

Another social network, Pinterest, is testing an in-app checkout feature. In fact, Twitter has even hired its own head of commerce.

To compete in the e-commerce market, social networks must offer users more than just content. They must offer promotional options, such as buying swag, as well as a strong mobile experience.

Snapchat’s shift to programmatic auction of Snap Ads

Snap announced that it is launching a new product that will change the way brands buy media on the platform. It will give advertisers the option to buy Snap Ads programmatically through ad manager. This shift will help Snap increase the inventory available to advertisers.

The new tool will give advertisers the ability to reach specific app installs. Snapchat hopes that the new tool will make the user experience more intuitive. They also hope to increase ad revenues.

Previously Famousmagazinenow, Snapchat ran ads through a self-serve ad manager. In addition, advertisers can now purchase popular AR lenses, Sponsored Geofilters, and Sponsored Story Ads in a more automated manner. Those tools will help advertisers buy the exact ad they want, while allowing them to set specific campaign goals.

During the first round of shows, Snap was reluctant to include ads purchased in auctions in its shows. However, this changed in the second round. Since then, the number of advertisers participating in Snap auctions has grown five times.

Snapchat’s partnership with Unity Software

With the announcement of a partnership between Snap and Unity Software, developers and marketers have a new way to reach mobile gamers. The platform brings together the social consumer experience of Snapchat with the tools and technology of Unity. This integration will enhance the discovery of new games and increase player engagement.

Unity is the world’s leading real-time 3D content platform, which powers more than half of the world’s mobile games. The company also powers Fortnite and Borderlands. Using its services, game developers can create apps for 20 different platforms.

One of the major benefits of this knowcarupdate collaboration is that advertisers on Snap can now target users who are more likely to play games on their Android devices. In addition, advertisers can access Unity’s vast mobile gaming inventory.

Snap’s Bitmoji avatars will be integrated with the Unity platform in early 2021. The avatars can be customized, making gameplay more personal. Users can choose their facial expressions, body positions, and clothing textures.

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