Lost Your Passport While Overseas? Here’s What To Do

You’ve searched every piece of luggage, but your passport is nowhere to be found. Losing an important document abroad might be a nightmare for a traveller. It may cause extreme anxiety and send you into a panicked state.

Although no one likes to deal with such difficulties while travelling, losing a passport is not a terrible disaster. It could be an extra price for your trip and a hassle that might interfere with your plans. An issue with a passport, however, is manageable.

File A Complaint With The Police

The first step is to immediately contact the local authorities and report a theft or loss of your passport to the police. Doing this lowers your risk of identity theft and misuse since your passport will no longer be valid for travel. When applying for a new visa, remember to receive the police report as evidence for a travel insurance claim and formalities with the embassy.

Lost your passport when travelling abroad? Here is what to do:

Get In Touch With The Indian Consulate

You must immediately notify the Indian embassy or consulate in your neighbourhood of the theft or loss of your passport. Give a copy of the official police report as well. You could be required to complete an additional form for the application for a new passport.

Request A Travel Document For An Emergency Or A Replacement Passport

You can apply for a temporary document, such as a replacement passport or an emergency certificate, to continue your journey or return home. Getting a new passport can take some time. The following documents must be provided for the same.

  • Your photographs, passport-size
  • Scans of your passport’s front and back pages
  • A visa copy
  • Using your identification or a driver’s license as proof of identity
  • Travel plans, including air tickets
  • Proof of your nationality
  • Application for a replacement passport and a copy of the police report regarding the lost or stolen passport

So that you can travel without incident to your next destination, keep in mind that the validity of emergency documents is only valid for a short time. Yes, there is a processing fee associated with getting the temporary copy.

Passport Insurance Coverage For Lost Or Stolen Ones

Travel insurance travelling overseas can make the experience less terrifying and expensive because most policies cover lost or stolen passports. Additionally, overseas insurance policy companies help customers obtain a new passport and locate local law enforcement to file a complaint. Furthermore, if the police report and payment receipts support the claim, they will reimburse the fees for reissuing the passport. *

Your passport is an essential travel document that authenticates your identity and grants you entry to unique places worldwide. You must therefore travel abroad with additional caution and treat it like gold. It’s ideal to always have your passport with you or store it safely to avoid any unfavourable situations. Make sure you renew your overseas travel insurance on time.*

*Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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